Our Team

Danny den Hartog

Danny den Hartog is the Founder of Coach Africa, social entrepreneur and international business/ scaling coach. Danny has a love for Africa and an obsession for personal development. Danny believes that "Everything we create in life, we first create in our minds and that we can only change the world inside out"

Danny loves Africa because of its diversity, its wonderful people and its infinite potential. His first visit to Uganda, as the MD of a renewable energy crowdfunding platform,  shattered the stereotypical image that he had of Africa. At the same time, he was frustrated about the lack of a level playing field and made it his mission to help change the one-sided story about African in the West and to help create more opportunities for ambitious/driven people.


Kimberly Ofori

Strategic Advisor

Kimberly is passionate about African Economic development. She is working to facilitate women in the shaping of their future and to live their lives to their fullest potential. She believes when all women succeed, everyone benefits. Both align with Coach Africa's purpose, so for her being part of the team behind this vision only makes sense.

Winnie Mabena

Africa's Representative

Winnie Mabena is Africa's representative for Coach Africa. Her passion to work with Coach Africa comes from her passion to see women who are fully empowered and to see a world where we all see each other as equals. Winnie is a certified Personal Development Coach, an international speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author and a magazine contributor.

Angélique van Eeuwen-Bos

Coaching Advisor

Angélique is an experienced international certified coach and group facilitator and lives in Tanzania. She accelerates the growth of professionals and (senior) leaders across countries and cultures on-line and off-line in the field of (personal) leadership and team development. Africa is close to her heart and she joined CoachAfrica as an Advisor as she believes that this is the time to unleash the full potential of so many Africans.


Barbara Gwanmesia

Barbara Gwanmesia is the co-founder of Afrii Company - whose celebratory sweet-snack ‘afribol’ has appeared seasonally since 2016 in AH togo - a division of The Netherland’s biggest Super Market Albert Heijn. When Barbara is not talking or thinking afribol, she is busy masterminding copywriting gems that drive readers to take action on clients’ or her own websites. Either that or she is on the trail of her ‘woman-power’ magazine BygGyrlsDyntCry. Barbara is presently working on structuring and establishing the policy standard for a small local TV Channel in The Netherlands, and putting her singer/song-writing skills to work in her shower. Or in one or two other professional studios.

Martina Sanchez Medina

Front-End Website Development & Social Media Intern

Martina is currently a business student at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her Ecuadorian origin makes her keen to reduce inequalities, which makes Coach Africa the perfect fit.

She is computer-oriented and is therefore responsible for the front-end website development. Additionally, she will be sharing her excitement about Coach Africa's mission, events and products as social media manager. 



About Us

We believe that deep down in our lifetimes, we all want to grow into the person we are destined to become and that growth equals happiness. The problem is that access to support in our personal development journeys is very unequally spread geographically and we are passionate about changing that.

Coach Africa is a personal development platform where businesses and individuals worldwide can tap into the rich expertise of African experts. Hereby 1) supporting individuals in their personal development journey, 2) improving workplace wellness and diversity & inclusion worldwide, 3) strengthening the private sector whilst enabling African changemakers to tap into global markets and building a next generation of African female leaders.

Whilst building more inclusive companies and societies, we leverage business as a force for good, as we believe we can all change the world through ‘good business’.

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