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Stop hustling, build a thriving coaching business, charge your worth!


Forget about these imported copy paste coach training and certification programs. They don't work in Africa! The Coach Africa Academy  provides you with the credibility, knowledge, tools to become an incredible coach. It's time to build that coaching business of your dreams.

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Build your thriving coaching practice and charge your worth

As African coaches, our greatest strength lies in the Ubuntu spirit. The spirit of collective support and community centric approach to move forward together.

We have been known to have the wise old men and women sit on stools using their fingers to draw in the sand to being told stories whilst looking up at the sky. Never once were our guides wrong.

At Coach Africa, we are continuing the ancestral values of guidance passed on.

Sometimes guides need their space to learn, unlearn and relearn where needed.

We know that to guide you must be reminded on how to guide. After all, it is the biggest responsibility passed on to us by our ancestors for future generations.

Let us be your guide to help you build the coaching business that you truly deserve.


Are you currently?

  • Trading Time for Money
  • Coaching as a Side-Hustle, unable to sustain yourself
  • Lacking the tools to truly transform people's lives


Would you like to..

  • To BE more Free so you don't have to discount the things that matter most to you 
  • Run a thriving coaching practice
  • Become an internationally certified and trusted coach with a wide arsenal of intervention tools

Build a Thriving Coaching Practice!

The world has shifted and moved to virtual coaching

Suddenly as a coach you compete with millions of coaches out there

How do you compete on a global stage?

You may have found that you are a great coach

But that you may need some help with further upskilling yourself and to learn how to develop a thriving coaching business

A coaching business that just not wears you out

But that creates the FREEDOM for you to spend more time with the people that are dearest to you

A coaching business that is your LEGACY and that will make you proud

Stop hustling and doing the things that have not worked

For things to change, you got to change!

To step outside your comfort zone and work with us to move your coaching practice to the next level.

It is time to Charge your Worth and build the coaching business of your dreams.

Yes, tell me more!

Coaching Made in Africa

We believe coaching originated in Africa and have developed a bespoke African Brewed Coaching Program. Watch to the video of our Dr. Norah Njuba Bwaya.



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Coaching skills development

We help you master unique African Brewed Coaching skills equipping you with all the tools to make a greater impact on your clients. Includes access to digital platform and facilitator-led sessions. 

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Credentialing: Raise your credibility

We prepare you in for ACC Level Certification (International Coaching Federation) focusing on mastering the coaching competencies.


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Done-for-you business support

Coaches need to be able to focus on what they do best: coaching. We make sure you're visible in the market through an powerful website, sales funnel set up and brand. 

The Team 


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Dr. Norah Njuba Bwaya is the Founder of the first coaching firm in Eastern Africa--Coach Africa Ltd. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Organization Development and Change Consultant, Facilitator/trainer and public speaker with working experience across 4 careers (Accountancy, Marketing, Insurance, Coaching) in 21 countries across 3 continents (Africa, Europe, America). As a coach, she has served top executives in over 100 organizations. 

Passionate about African Excellence. She started the Institute of Work Culture and Ethics and has done a lot of work for her country around driving the cause for change.

In her past life as an employee, Norah left a track record of performance in various industries and sectors including: petroleum, health, banking, hospitality, insurance, beverages and, the development sector. The diversity of experience makes her uniquely placed to support top-tier leaders.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce (Accounting) Hons. from Makerere University; is an Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coaching Federation; and a Doctorate in Executive Performance from  Middlesex University, UK.

Danny den Hartog is a knowledge-preneur and online marketing enthusiast. He is the Founder of the virtual and international arm of Coach Africa (Coach Africa for Entrepreneurs). Danny is a social entrepreneur and international business/ scaling coach with a love for Africa and an obsession for personal development. Danny believes that "Everything we create in life, we first create in our minds and that we can only change the world inside out"

Danny is passionate about Africa because of its diversity, its driven people and its infinite potential. His first visit to Uganda, as the MD of a renewable energy crowdfunding platform,  shattered the stereotypical image that he had of Africa. At the same time, he was frustrated about the lack of a level playing field and made it his mission is to make money do good and help catalyze African Excellence by developing powerful African-owned businesses across the world.

In contrast to many self-proclaimed experts, Danny is humble about his 'Africa-expertise' and prefers to surround himself by smarter people and individuals hungry for more.

Danny holds a Master Degree (cum-laude) from Rotterdam Management School and a Bachelor Degree in Asian Studies.

Eileen Walusimbi Oloya is the Director for the Coach Africa Academy. She is an internationally certified Executive and Transformational Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, and management consultant. She had the opportunity to serve in different capacities at British Council Uganda, Barclays Bank Uganda, IFC-World bank, and as a consultant and founder of Linkit Management Solutions. 

Eileen is passionate about unlocking people's potential and believes that personal growth is key to enabling people to live authentic lives. She has a background in Human resources and Project Management and is an expert in supporting individuals and organizational teams to achieve sustainable and unparalleled excellence through; creating awareness by speaking to their unique sets of circumstances and processes.

Over the years, she has learned that top performers' critical differentiator is not how they handle strategy or innovation. It's about how they execute. Few leaders understand the execution game, especially in the face of massive uncertainty, yet these are the times we find ourselves in globally. Without execution, a visionary leader is just a dreamer, an executive only an administrator, and the entrepreneur is usually broke.

To thrive as a leader, you must master execution. That's where I come in. I have supported high–level staff in high-impact organizations within the public and private spaces. She has also worked closely with SME's as well as executives and entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience taking leaders through leadership gap identification exercises, peer learning, training, facilitation, and coaching.

Four things happen when she works with leaders;
They become more self-aware, increase their revenue, increase their profit and increase their impact. This is in line with her life purpose to use my passion and creativity to inspire and transform people by supporting them to discover and express their God-given potential harmoniously and lovingly.

About Coach Africa

Africa, the home of civilization! The land where stories were told with a future of greatness foreseen.

African Excellence did not come without trials and tribulations. It has been a journey, a journey where the ubuntu spirit elevated us to greatness and amplified the spirit of a great Continent.

Holding up one another, pushing each other to become better, guiding, motivating and inspiring others has been and continues to be an important part of our African culture.

It is with these values engrained within us at Coach Africa, that we intend to continue the spirit of building exceptional leaders. Leaders in different capacities and walks of life who are walking the path of reimaging what can be. Leaders who stand for the betterment of their individual growth and collectively as a Continent. Leaders who use their transformational journey to help transform society. Our purpose is to build leaders with the capacity to influence others through inspiration, motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction and ignited by a purpose.  

Coach Africa … where Excellence is past, present and the future.

African people both on the Continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny.


Client Profile: Digital Opportunity Trust

Digital Opportunity Trust developed and delivered a coaching pilot outlined in the case study: Virtual Coaching for Youth Social Innovators. 

This case study provides an overview of an entirely virtual coaching pilot initiative with members of the #DOTYouth Street Team – a coordinated support network of youth in Africa and the Middle East who are responding rapidly and implementing COVID-19 related interventions in their communities. 

The coaching pilot focused on supporting members of the #DOTYouth Street Team to develop SMART goals and action plans to strengthen and build resilience in their community-based initiatives as they transitioned out of the #DOTYouth Street Team program. 

The case study outlines key learnings, methodologies and recommendations for establishing a virtual coaching model for young social innovators. 

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Contact details:

Coach Africa

P.O Box 12747 Kampala Uganda
Plot 5 Kent Lane, Kamwokya.

For any questions, please contact:

Eileen Walusimbi Oloya

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