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You can be so much more!

Imagine how it would feel to be recognized for what you are worth! To be seen and be rewarded for your work and impact.   

We make this your reality by coaching and guiding you to a more influential and unstoppable YOU!

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What's YOUR Reality?


  • Manage to balance your business/ work with your private life?
  • Feel recognized and rewarded properly for your work?
  • Feel you are growing your influence as a leader?
  • Have the energy to sustain your leadership and fuel your ambitions?
  • Know your purpose and are your actions aligned?
  • Master your Mindset?
  • Or do you perhaps have everything in life, yet it does not feel that way and you often feel unhappy?

If you are like us you are happy to admit that there are gaps between where you are and where you want to be in different areas of your life. What sets you apart if you are reading this is that you are probably HUNGRY to close that gap and want more in life.

Yet you may also be mindful to just be chasing your next achievement without enjoying the ride to your next level.

It is time to start designing and living the life you truly deserve and become a person of true influence.

As you know, success in life and business does not come easy and you will not reach your destination by yourself

LET US be that person to guide you on YOUR journey.

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Your transformation awaits..

We understand how frustrating it can feel to see others, often less qualified moving ahead faster simply because of certain privileges. We understand how it feels to be ignored and not be seen. It's time for change! It's time for you to Shine! To be recognized for what you are worth, as you are worth so much more!

Unleash the lioness

All the certainty and strength is within you now, just waiting to be unleashed. We help you to get laser-focused and hand you the keys, to unlock this power so you can grow your confidence and your influence as a leader. 

Change the world

'For things to change, you have to change (Jim Rohn)'. Now that you have changed and have overcome some of the fears holding you back, you will feel your influence has grown and so will your impact impact other people's lives. Everything will shift!

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3 Simple Steps to follow

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We are selective with the clients we take on as we are serious about your transformation. Schedule your call to see if there's a fit.

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You and your coach should be a match. The Chemistry session offers you that Clarity.

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3. Start transformation

Once you have selected the right Coach and we have agreed on the right coaching package, you can start your journey of transformation and schedule your next call with your coach.

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About Coach Africa

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that you'd be further ahead right now?

Are you seeking to become a person of more influence, connecting profit and purpose? Are you looking to make a meaningful difference in the world?

Coach Africa guides women leaders, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals in their personal and leadership development journey.

Coach Africa offers you access to Africa's best coaches and mentors. Find out how they can guide you on our journey by scheduling your complementary coaching session!

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“Coach Africa: Promising 2019 Impact Startup”

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, coaching sessions are 60 minutes. Before the first session, there will be a Chemistry Session where you will meet your coach ‘virtually’, and discuss your goals regarding the coaching relationship.

Coach Africa was born out of the desire to see a prosperous Africa, an Africa that takes its rightful place in the world, an Africa free from, and independent of development aid. 


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