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Coach Africa wins the 2021 Doing Business in Africa Award


Please watch our special thank you video for you by our Founder Dr. Norah Bwaya.

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Coach Africa Wins the Doing Business in Africa Award:  

Coach Africa is delighted and proud to announce that, after being shortlisted along with Dutch PET Recycling and the Medical Credit Fund, it has been chosen as the winner of the 2021 Doing Business in Africa [DBA] Award.

The award, which aims to reward, with recognition, a company’s contribution to the sustainable and inclusive economic development within Africa, falls in line with our broad spectrum of coaching services that have helped leaders and their organizations to discover possibilities and inspired them to unleash their potential in the areas of health, education, gender and climate.

The Doing Business in Africa [DBA] Award attracts a wide range of organisations operating on the ethos of innovation, sustainability and inclusion, from large international companies and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs. As a high-profile award, Coach Africa is incredibly honoured to have won this prestigious accolade as it speaks volumes about the quality and integrity of the business.

“Winning this award is a recognition of the power of big dreams, focus, resilience and hard work. Our business has always been to inspire people and organizations to confidently transform bold dreams into reality,” Dr. Bwaya, Founder, Coach Africa, says. “Having had a very humble beginning with nothing but passion for our mission, confidence and our skills as capital, this award proves how the journey we have painstakingly kept for the past 16 years was worth every minute. This represents the thousands of African enterprises that wake up to do good every single day, regardless of recognition.”

For Danny den Hartog, Founder Coach Africa, winning this award is the best kind of recognition as it shows that clients do appreciate the business, enough to go the extra mile to cast their votes. “A huge thank you to everyone who voted. Even with this fantastic achievement, it can’t match the great work that our Clients all do in recommending and referring us to organisations, colleagues, family and friends. So, a big, big thank you so much for all your support.”

Eileen Walusimbi Oloya, Director at Coach Africa, said this award embodies the values of the people who represent it. “Our team has been the leading force behind our business and through which we have established a relationship of trust and cooperation in the service of our clients. Every single person has worked hard for us to deliver highly bespoke and personalised coaching services, and this award demonstrates our commitment to that mission.”

About the Doing Business in Africa (DBA) Award

The Doing Business in Africa (DBA) Award, handed out annually by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), a leading organisation for trade and investment facilitation for Africa in the Netherlands, aims to reward a company’s contribution to sustainable and inclusive economic development within Africa.

 The criteria include working in an innovative, inclusive and sustainable manner, and having a clear strategy and an active engagement in an African country that has led to business success.

In congratulating Coach Africa, Rosmarijn Fens, Managing Director NABC, says: “Coach Africa is one of the companies that showed resilience during the past two years and that continuously provides a valuable coaching service to a growing number of clients in Africa.'


Coach Africa: Where Excellence is Past, Present and The Future

Coach Africa Limited started its business operations in 2006 locally in Kampala, Uganda and was the very first coaching firm in Eastern Africa focusing on Organizational and Professional development. It has since developed itself as a Pan African coaching business empowering organizations and leaders across the continent. 

In 2019, Coach Africa went global by kickstarting a new virtual business arm, extending its reach to global audiences.

Picture (from left to right): Sam Bwaya, Norah Bwaya, Danny den Hartog, Hannah Owot, Eileen Walusimbi Oloya.

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